I had once the analog luggage scale before until once i used it and suddenly broken fall apart i checked in the scale is written until 32 Kg though when it broken as i remember only 2x something in KG.

I decided my self to buy the new one but digital or the electronic one when i was waiting for my departure flight in CGK.

The shop that i visit offer me with brand lifetrons with this image below.
The spec is:
1.up to 50 kh
2. Support unit to display oz, lbs and Kg

The price is amazingly high with 60 usd.

The next shop offer me with brand name travel time like this below image.
The spec is:
1. Up to 40 kg (score for lifetrons)
2.the unit g,lbs,oz and kg (score for travel time brand), the gram is needed to measure the liquid that need to bring inside the cabin
3. There is small ruler i think this is useful for cabin bag dimensioning (score for travel time).
5. If i may put price as score it cost me only USD 13.

Last time i used it for scale a luggage and compare with scale in check in counter and it's match :)

I visit the 3rd store ,after i bought the travel time :), only to compare the price.
The store offered me Travel Blue , the price is USD 25 , but can measure only up to 35 kg, which is not fit if i book the business class that allow me up to 40kg .

But i let you to decide by your self.
But i let you to decide by your self :)
Mie Ayam Yunus tebet, was recommended by my two friends Ika Puspaningsih and Erwin Imamulmutaqin.

It's near pasar tebet from Saharjo mcdonald in the left side turn left stright until passed the traditional market and in the left side there is small block turn left.
You can see the Mie Ayam Yunus there.
The ultimate menu is: Mie Ayam Bakso special. And the favourite drink is the chiller called Es Campur.

How is the rate? I can give the point 9.5 with notes that you must mixed your order with this 3 bottles of sweet soya, ketchup goblok and the peanut sauce like picture below.
And also i saw some customers go there only to order es campur for to go.
So i recommend you try the es campur.
Forgot to upload the picture of mie ayam Yunus it self.
2012  News Releases Redknee Plans to Acquire Business Support Systems from Nokia Siemens Networks Redknee to Host Investor Conference Call at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time on December 5, 2012 December 5, 2012- Redknee (TSX:RKN), a leading provider of business-critical billing and charging software and solutions for communications service providers, has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Nokia Siemens Networks’ Business Support Systems (BSS) business. Nokia Siemens Networks’ BSS business provides real-time charging, rating, policy, and customer care solutions to more than 130 communication service providers, including half of the top 100 global mobile operators. Nokia Siemens Networks believes Redknee is best suited to take ownership of the business based on the strength of Redknee’s management team, continuity of the current BSS portfolio, and access to innovation for Nokia Siemens Networks’ BSS customers.

How to calculate the area of LOT with easy way no need to go onsite , what you need is internet
and nice computer?

Before that you need to note this month code first, 1 4 4 0 2 5 0 3 6 1 4 6 
this is for  January until December respectively.  the day code (will be the result) is 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 from sunday until saturday respectively then ...

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